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Colorized Western starring Randolph Scott: Abilene Town - A sheriff tries to stop homesteader conflicts in the West after the Civil War. Abilene Town (1946) Director: Edwin L. Marin Writers: Ernest Haycox (novel), Harold Shumate (screenplay) Stars: Randolph Scott, Ann Dvorak, Edgar Buchanan Genres: Action, Romance, Western Country: USA Language: English Release Date: 11 January 1946 (USA) Filming Locations: Agoura Ranch, Agoura, California, USA Storyline: In the years following the Civil War, the town of Abilene, Kansas is poised on the brink of an explosive confrontation. A line has been drawn down the center of the town where the homesteaders and the cattlemen have come to a very uneasy truce. The delicate peace is inadvertantly shattered when a group of new homesteaders lay down their stakes on the cattlemen's side of town, upsetting the delicate balance that had existed thus far and sparking an all-out war between the farmers, who want the land tamed and property lines drawn, and the cowboys, who want the prairies to be open for their cattle to roam. Written by Jean-Marc Rocher Reviews: "Excellent, under-appreciated movie, which I suspect fell into public domain because only cheap copies from original prints seem to be available. Randolph Scott is rock solid in the unassuming characterization of a modest but moral man acting as a moderating influence between three distinct groups, the cattlemen, the homesteaders and the tradesmen in a frontier town. Each have their own agendas, and the most alluring enticement for Scott on the bad side of town is the brassy but captivating dance hall singer, Ann Dvorak, in one of the best performances of her career, who is so fresh and sexy in her several numbers that I can well believe a whole roomful of cowboys would just sit there, stone silent with their mouths open, staring at her as she dances and flirts through her songs. I don't know if her voice was her own or dubbed, but she could sure deliver those lyrics! There's not a dull or extraneous scene in the movie, with many well cast characters, fistfights, gunfights, a cattle stampede, romance, comedy and first-rate film noir lighting and dialogue for those who care. And besides all that, I didn't notice until about the third time I'd watched it, Scott's horse follows him around when he's on foot like a pet dog. Very subtle, never made a focus of attention by the director, one of the old-timers who had the sense to let audiences find their own points of interest. I think it's a classic." Written by witzend13 on IMDb.com Also Known As (AKA) (original title): Abilene Town Argentina: La calle de los conflictos Australia: Abilene Austria: Banditen ohne Maske Brazil: O Xerife de Abilene Brazil: Rua dos Conflitos Canada (English title): Abilene Town Canada (French title): Règlement de compte à Abilene Town Denmark: Kampen om præriebyen Denmark: Kvægbanditternes hævn Denmark: Kampen om Praeriebyen Finland: Sheriffin urotyö France: Réglement de comptes à Abilene Town Germany: Abilene Town - Banditen ohne Maske Hungary: Abilene Italy: I predoni della città Japan (Japanese title): 静かなる対決 Mexico: La calle de los conflictos Norway: Byen uten lov og rett Poland: Miasteczko Abilene Portugal: Alvorada de Fogo Romania: Abilene Soviet Union (Russian title): Город Эйбилен Spain: La calle de los conflictos Sweden: Den laglösa staden UK: Abilene Town USA (working title): The Homesteaders USA (working title): Abilene West Germany: Banditen ohne Maske

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